Jessica: What’s wrong with entertainment as escapism?
Marcus: Nothing. Unless you have no problem spending an evening watching a bunch of people you don’t know live life instead of going out there and living it yourself.

She hoped someone loved the bags under her eyes
the years of self torment and love the way she overcame
her struggle of not loving herself
She hoped someone loved her old neighborhood like the way she did
the way the deteriorating playground numbed her sadness
whenever her parents argued and fought consistently
She prayed that someone would accept that she just
started to pay attention to the foreign parts of her body
the parts that haunted her so long 
Finally, she begged that someone would accept that she is taking her time 
with loving them because she first had to love herself

The smallest moves in the wrong direction could have enormous consequences

"Random Family" by Adrian Nicole LeBlanc

Song 19

And you know I got it serious/So you know I just want an experience/Girl, my bad I just can’t help it/Girl you taste so/Good,lovin,feel so,numb